In contemporary dance and the independent performing arts, it is rare to have the opportunity to work intensively on a theme over an extended period of time. This is why K3 offers eight-month residencies for emerging choreographers each season, with the new pieces premiered in March. This year's themes range from melodrama to manual labour, from North German moorlands to Persian dances. In addition to three world premieres by Yolanda Morales, Meghna Bhardwaj and Bruno Brandolino, there will also be a presentation of Sina Saberi's research (premiere in May). Hall K3 will also be transformed into a small amusement park with installations and workshops to discover, choreographic childcare, snacks and drinks and a playful dance experience for everyone.



You have seen a piece at K3 and would like to know more about the production? In our evening programme you can find short biographies of the cast and some background information about the piece. You can view the evening programmes of the season here: