Junger Tanz

The JungerTanzHamburg series is K3’s answer to a search for new approaches to developing professional dance pieces for children and teens in Hamburg. So far, four dance productions have been produced specially for young audiences and K3 plans to further establish and develop the series over the coming seasons.

The JungerTanzHamburg programme began in 2013 with Philipp van der Heijden’s production verzopft, which dealt with individuality and the tensions and conflicts that it causes. In search of new ways of developing dance pieces, choreographer Antje Pfundtner integrated children right from the start into her rehearsal process and questioned them on the subject of disappearing in her piece nimmer. In Fühlende Fische, director Franziska Henschel produced a danced theatre piece about the where feelings come from and where we actually feel them in the body. Lucia Glass’ piece Was uns bewegt, was wir bewegen illustrated the ways in which everyday objects, pieces of clothing and body can swap qualities, abilities and roles to open up a universe of colours, objects and landscapes.