Bottom Up Dance School


Deadline 4 February 2022, Start May 2022

The Bottom Up Dance School (BUDS) is aimed at professional young dancers who are looking for an entry into the professional field. It is neither a school nor a performance center. It is a free space where reflection and exchange can take place.

The BUDS combines basic dance techniques, which are taught by the participants to each other and by experienced choreographers. All participants are accompanied by mentoring, which focuses on self-motivation, personal energy, presence and independent artistic work. BUDS departs from fixed body ideals and explores original ways of working, ephemeral methods, open forms and temporary body images.

What is the Bottom Up Dance School?

The Bottom Up Dance School is an artistic training specialized in dance practice in small units, so that you can attend the School alongside your professional or care commitments.

K3 and Kampnagel are important and internationally networked partners who work with many choreographers. Thus, there is a large pool of contacts to artists and dance makers in Hamburg, nationwide and internationally. This gives BUDS participants the opportunity to come into contact with experienced choreographers, dancers and artists from various fields and to exchange ideas with them at eye level.

The choreographer Ursina Tossi will accompany the further education process as a mentor and together with the participating dancers will find out in which direction the further development should go. This also includes guidance in the international dance business, i.e. impulses that could be important for the further career.

What does BUDS include?

The program includes ten teaching and mentoring units, and starts in May 2022, plus units that provide insights into the professional dance and theater scene (e.g., overview of important dance and theater houses and festivals, application process). At the end, a choreographic evening is created, which is developed jointly by all participants.

Who can apply?

You live in Hamburg or the surrounding area and are a self-taught dancer with several years of dance/movement experience, or have recently completed dance training, or are a professional dancer without training because there is no training in your genre or field? *(see below) Then you are in the right place. We select up to eight participants who form a group together.

What are the conditions?

You have time to participate in the following work phases:

In the period from 09 May to 21 June and 12 – 28 September 2022, the teaching and mentoring units will take place.

From 24 October – 20 November, rehearsals of the final piece will be carried out. The premiere of the choreographic evening will take place in November at Kampnagel.

You will not receive a honorarium for your participation. For the rehearsal phase in October and November you will receive a honorarium based on the current recommended honorarium rates for performing artists.

K3 and Kampnagel are professionals for contemporary dance. Can I still apply if I come from a different dance genre?

Absolutely! Very much so, because we are also working with the Bottom Up Dance School to expand the boundaries of the genre, together with the future, more diverse, professional dance generation.

*Can I apply even if I am deaf, disabled or chronically ill?

We are aware that very few dance schools in Germany train dancers with disabilities. We would like to counteract this barrier on the way to professional training with the Bottom Up Dance School.

If you have any questions about rooms and access, please contact us, because we would be very happy if you would like to apply. Since disabilities are very diverse, we have found it difficult to accommodate everything.

Unfortunately, one of the spatial conditions is that the first rehearsal room we will be working in is not barrier-free accessible. It is located on the second floor of our building. In the room itself there is a small step of about 10 centimeters to the dance floor. The second room is also accessible only through a staircase with lattice steps. Here there are columns in the room that could get in the way when dancing freely. There is no accessible toilet in either room. The room for the last phase of BUDS is accessible without barriers. We are also trying to raise the financial resources to provide DGS and audio description guides for the entire period.

We also want to work with Crip Time, a time structure that adapts to the needs of the bodies.

The basis of participation in BUDS is that all participants meet each other with mutual respect, supporting each other and on an equal footing.

How can I apply?

In a format of your choice: video, PDF, etc.

We want to know:

1) Who are you? What have you done so far?

2) What dance experience do you have? What was your (self-taught) dance training like? Have you already been involved in dance projects? Have you already done your own artistic projects? If available, please send us information about your dance career (e.g. videos, pictures, texts, web links).

3) What is your motivation to participate in the Bottom Up Dance School? Do you have an idea for your own artistic development?

Please send us your application by Friday, 04 February 2022. Applications can be submitted in writing or as audio or video files. Our email address is:

Contact for questions? Direct your questions in writing or as an audio file to

Will the Bottom Up Dance School take place despite Corona? We cannot promise that we will start in May. If we are not allowed to start, we will find new dates and inform you immediately.

We look forward to your application!

#bottomupdanceschool #k3 #kampnagel 

#Coreofdance - get to know and strengthen the heart of the dancer's personality

#Skills - learning new ways of working, improvising, showing yourself, researching....

#Frustgenerosity - patience in dealing with your own expectations and with others

#Strength training - it takes to become a dancer. But everyone at their own pace.

#appreciation - especially one's own and for others

You can find the whole call as a pdf here.





You can find the whole call as a pdf document here.

A Dance Dramaturgy Academy by Anne Kersting and Alexandra Schmidt in cooperation with K3 – Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg, HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts Dresden, Sophiensæle Berlin.

In cooperation with K3-Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg, HELLERAU-European Centre for the Arts and Sophiensæle Berlin, dramaturg/curator Anne Kersting and cultural producer Alexandra Schmidt offer a further education programme for freelance dance dramaturgs dedicated to teaching dramaturgical practice in dance.

What is Meeting Point Dramaturgy?

The academy was launched in spring 2021 and initially comprises three episodes. It is a platform for further education to explore the demands and expectations of dance dramaturgy. The aim of Meeting Point Dramaturgy is to establish a sustainable dialogue practice with artists, institutions and audiences, which serves as a quality assurance training for production dramaturges. Quality assurance, as well as an aesthetic, critical, cultural-political and even ethical questioning of the field of dramaturgy is an urgent concern of the academy in order to ensure professionalisation and to analyse the criteria of production, knowledge transfer, financing, distribution and cooperation with theatres very precisely.

Who is Meeting Point Dramaturgy aimed at?

The academy is an informative mediation format for and by the dance scene, to which up to 12 dance dramaturges working in Germany can apply. The academy is aimed at dramaturges who have initial practical experience and are interested in positioning themselves in this field. Those who do not work in classical production processes and rhythms (e.g. due to health needs) can address this in their application.
Meeting Point Dramaturgy requires mandatory participation in all three episodes.

What does Meeting Point Dramaturgy do?

The academy is a meeting space for evaluating the expectations and requirements of dance dramaturgy in dialogue. In small working groups, participants engage in peer-to-peer exchange with each other and with actors in artistic production.
We understand exchange as a researching, teaching and knowledge-sharing method to jointly explore the demands of dramaturgy today.
There are 3 episodes, which always follow the same dialogical principle:

  • Episode #1 / 2-4 June 2022 / HELLERAU-European Centre for the Arts: Dramaturgs meet institutions and question their demands on dramaturgy.
  • Episode #2 / 18-20 August 2022 / Sophiensæle Berlin: Dramaturgs meet audiences and also question their demands on dramaturgy.
  • Episode #3 / 17-19 November 2022 K3-Centre for Choreography | Tanzplan Hamburg: Dramaturgs meet choreographers and question the mutual requirements and expectations that choreography and dramaturgy have of each other, building on the information already gathered empirically.

Participation information

  • The Academy is aimed at people whose place of residence and work is in Germany.
  • The academy is held in German and/or English.                            
  • Participation in the academy is free of charge.                                                     
  • Travel costs (from Germany) and accommodation in the respective cities will be covered, and all participants will receive daily allowances in accordance with the Federal Travel Expenses Act.
  • In case of an increased incidence of infection, the academy will be conducted digitally or hybrid (in consultation with all participants).

Accessibility information

  • The costs for or audio description and sign language interpreters:inside can be provided after consultation at the episodes
  • Costs for accessibility (e.g. assistance, additional travel costs) can be covered after consultation
  • The organisation of working hours and exchange formats will meet the requirements of the individual participants. Live or online participation is possible.
  • The application can also be submitted in other forms, e.g. as a video with DGS or audio recording.


Applications can be submitted until 24.1.2022. Please send applications including CV and motivation letter to Alexandra Schmidt:

A decision on participation is expected in February 2022.

Probebühne Eins für Choreograph*innen

*only in German


Organisation | Communication

(only in german) 


Bereich Organisation | Kommunikation

K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg auf Kampnagel 
sucht Praktikant*innen (Vollzeit) im Bereich Organisation und Kommunikation

Die Praktikumsdauer beträgt 2-3 Monate. Für den nächsten Zeitraum ist unsere Praktikumsstelle bereits vergeben. Da wir über die gesamte Spielzeit Praktikant*innen beschäftigen, begrüßen wir Initiativbewerbungen.

Mitwirken in der Organisation, Planung und Durchführung von Veranstaltungen (Trainings, Kurse, Workshops, Vermittlungsangebote, Aufführungen, etc.) sowie Probenprozessen; Unterstützung im Bereich Kommunikation; Kennenlernen von Arbeitsabläufen; administrative Tätigkeiten; Recherche sowie weitere Aufgaben im Zusammenhang mit dem Programm von K3.

Bewerbungen sollten einen Lebenslauf, ein kurzes Motivationsschreiben sowie der Nachweis eines Studiums oder der Beruflichen Umorientierung beinhalten.

Bitte ausschließlich per E-Mail und in einem einzigen PDF-Dokument an: senden.