Opportunities for Teachers

For years, K3 has worked closely with schools to get teachers and students moving and to teach them how dance can be used and understood as body language. We offer a variety of approaches to the world of movement, compatible with the school subject of theatre as well as others: biology, physics, gender studies, psychology and more. With formats for school classes and advanced training courses for teachers, we continuously strive to further anchor dance in schools and further educational contexts.

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Getting closer at K3: We are happy to offer you and your group tailor-made introductions to the pieces you have booked. We can also organise rehearsal visits for you and your class on request.

Kirsten Bremehr| Dance Outreach
kirsten.bremehr[at]kampnagel.de | +49 (0)40 / 270 949 – 50

Advanced Training for Teachers

Teaching contemporary dance in schools: K3 offers advanced training courses for teachers and people working in schools who want to get students moving. Experienced local and international choreographers provide an activity-oriented approach and practical insight into their artistic research, while also acting to inspire and create space for teachers’ own pedagogical practices.