Nora Amin



The dancing body is not just simply an object, but a living identity, a storehouse of personal stories, sensory traces and transformative potential. Dealing with dance in a world of conflict and traumata means dealing with the basis of a humanity as embodied by dancers, as well as considering public performance as a chance to make a political statement and engage in collective reconciliation.

Change of date: The lecture does not take place on March 29th! 



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Pricefree entrance
Hintsin English. Date is different than in the programme booklet.
LocationKampnagel - K33

Nora Amin

is an author, performer, choreographer and theatre director. Her recent book Migrating the Feminine has also been released in German and Dance of the Persecuted (to be released: 2019) deals with the history of oriental dance from a feminist perspective connecting patriarchy, coloniality and racism.