Dance for Young Audience

Clément Layes


Zipp, Krap, Bang, Chhhhh… A huge wooden box! Around, inside and on top of it a rhythmic and sonorous story unfolds. There you discover a hand, here you see a head. Has it disappeared again? What is hidden in the box? And what exactly unfolds out of it? Movements and noises repeat themselves, build on each other and disappear again. And yet before you notice it, the rhythm has taken us into another loop.

#disappear #poppingup #rhythm

shows at: Grundschule Forsmannstraße, Stadtschule Bad Oldesloe

The explore dance Pop Ups are mobile pieces for the classroom: compact, flexible, ideally suited to show almost anywhere off stage. During the festival, they will be popping up all over the city. Interested teachers are invited to watch the performances in the schools. Please contact us at:


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This is a closed event (school performance).
Locationin the city

Clément Layes

Ononon is a production by explore dance – network dance for you audience, a cooperationproject of fabrik moves gUG, Fokus Tanz/Tanz und Schule e.V. München and K3 Tanzplan Hamburg. Funded by: