Dance for Young Audience

European Dancehouse Network Atelier


Dance pieces for young audiences: For whom? Why? How to address the target group?

Part of EDN’s Audience Development strand, this Atelier will be focused on active participation and will enable professionals to develop strategies to address, reach and include young audiences.

Organised as part of the first edition of explore dance – festival for young audiences it will give to the participants the opportunity to watch up to seven new dance pieces for young audiences and encounter the artists, to exchange with other colleagues on short best practice presentations from different parts of Europe. Additionally there will be some work sessions to exchange and discuss with the choreographers and dancers invited as part of the festival.

We invite dance house directors, curators/programmers and dramaturges active in the field of dance for young audiences, staff members working in PR and outreach as well as artists experienced or interested in working with young audiences.

Thematic focus > May 1st: Input statements and short lectures: best practice examples in Europe on how to work with young audience

Thematic focus > May 2nd: How to address, how to reach, how to include young audiences?

Thematic focus > May 3rd: Exchange with the artists of the festival: feedback sessions, moderated interviews, working groups

Optional: Stay on May 4th and join a workshop for teachers in the morning led by choreographers invited by the festival

>> for dance-makers, creative artists and pedagogues in the field of dance for young audience
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14:00 - 17:30
14:00 - 17:30
14:00 - 17:30

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In cooperation with the European Dancehouse Network (funded by the european commission).


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