Teacher workshop

Bea Carolina Remark


This workshop is based both on exercises in body awareness, being mindful of the physical sensations of body and movement, as well as on dance and contact improvisation. Special focus lies on training our perceptions of ourselves, of the space and of the group. Movement units provide structure that allow for the development of group dynamics and a movement language, which then forms the basis of shared artistic expression and includes everyone with his/her/their own potential. In the process, the workshop also touches on impulses for and examples of teaching heterogeneous groups in various contexts.

For teachers and (dance)pedagogues 

Binding registration until March 24th at: tanzplan2@kampnagel.de


10:00 - 16:00

Information about the event

Price30€ | 25€
LocationKampnagel - K31

Bea Carolina Remark

is a dance pedagogue and performer, a dance, movement and physical therapist, as well as homeopathic practitioner. She works with dance and theatre makers, universities and institutions in Germany and abroad, and in her work attempts to reveal the ideal norms of society and to change them. As someone living with spastic paralysis since birth, she is an expert in this arena.