Teacher workshop

Regina Rossi


What influences do aesthetic experiences have on the socialisation of gender roles? This practical dance workshop deals with questions of identity and gender construction, while venturing to take a critical look on one’s own daily practice. Participants are asked to attentively reflect personal attitudes and behaviours regarding gender topics, linguistic repertoire and respective body language. Practical exercises aim to recognize and reflect conscious and unconscious gender stereotypes and images. A shared exchange of experiences raises awareness for openness in heterogeneous groups and explores alternative possibilities.
For teachers and (dance) pedagogues
registration until 29.01. at: tanzplan2@kampnagel.de


15:00 - 18:00

Information about the event

Price20€ | 15€
LocationKampnagel - K31

Regina Rossi

is a longstanding member of Hamburg’s independent scene. She is currently writing her doctorate at the Institute for AppliedTheatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen. Her artistic work focuses on dance and performance for children and teens. In 2018, she produced the dance piece Lusco Fusco for kids age 5 and up in cooperation with K3. Her works focus on the poetic-theatrical potential of movements and dreams, the connection between dance and language and the aesthetic possibilities of installation and choreography.