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HALLO, MARSCH! leads through the urban landscape of Hammerbrook, along a route usually dominated by cars, up to an abandoned former industrial site, the Bille power plant. The march simultaneously serves as a welcoming ceremony, a means of temporarily reappropriating public space and experimentally producing temporary collective identities in motion. Together with the help of music and objects that we will be bringing along, performers and participants will alter and demarcate the traversed space. The arrival includes a process of establishing location: how do the spaces relate to one another and in what ways can their relationship be altered through collective movement?

HALLO, MARSCH! is Liz Rech’s second artistic research project implemented as part of the artistic-academic post-graduate doctorate program Performing Citizenship (HCU, HAW, Fundus Theater, K3). As participative performance, the project will take place as part of the Hallo Festspiele as Hallöchen on 09.09. as a walking performance from Berliner Tor to the former Bille power plant in Hammerbrook.

Please wear clothing that is appropriate for the weather and for walking!



Information about the event

PriceParticipation free of charge
Locationin the city

Liz Rech

HALLO, MARSCH! is an event of HALLO Festspiele in cooperation with K3.


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