Dance for Young Audience

Angela Kecinski | Regina Rossi



How to depict dreams? How do dreams move us? How do we remember our dreams? And how do we give form to our dreams? Together with Hamburg choreographers Regina Rossi und Angela Kecinski, elementary school students of the Stadtteilschule Winterhude/ Winterhuder Reformschule have developed a poetic and moving collection of dream fragments. The children tell stories about the fantastical world experienced in their sleep by using their bodies, objects and movement. They transform their dream images and stories into choreography.

Over the course of 4 weeks, the elementary school students created a unique space for their very own fantastic danced dream – a place in which dreams and reality come together.



Information about the event

Pricefree entrance
LocationKampnagel - P1

Angela Kecinski

is a dancer and choreographer. She studied dance at the ArtEZ Arnhem and Performance Studies at the University of Hamburg. Her own choreographic works Verfremdungszwecke and Temptress were presented in Skopje, as part of Limited Edition at K3, as well as at Hauptsache Frei #2.

Regina Rossi

is a longstanding member of Hamburg’s independent scene. She is currently writing her doctorate at the Institute for AppliedTheatre Studies at the Justus-Liebig-University Gießen. Her artistic work focuses on dance and performance for children and teens. In 2018, she produced the dance piece Lusco Fusco for kids age 5 and up in cooperation with K3. Her works focus on the poetic-theatrical potential of movements and dreams, the connection between dance and language and the aesthetic possibilities of installation and choreography.