Kerstin Kussmaul (Austria)

The Psoas Connection

The Psoas complex is a key structure for dancers. It influences alignment, knees, feet, breath, head and neck, and organ structures. Myoreflex therapy is the practical base in touch to analyse, free and train the Psoas complex.
Movement based on resistance stretches lead to integration in dancing, in relating to space and the others. Goal is to reach a freedom in movement, a sustainable use of the body, and to nourish individual movement practices. 

Kerstin Kussmaul is a choreographer nad Somatic Movement Educator. Her artistic focus is on music/dance projects and on the development of new formats of mediation and exploration of movement, such as the monthly gathering Sharing the dance at the Tanzquartier Vienna. Her last project "Vexations “, a music/space/performance installation, was shown at festival in Vienna (ImPulsTanz) and Milan (uovo). Kerstin Kussmaul has an MA in Music and Dance Pedagogics and studied Somatic Movement Education and TCM in Berkeley/USA, as well as Myoreflextherapy. She teaches in Europe and the USA.

20% anatomy & knowledge
20 % touch & movement
25% movement exploration & training
35% dance language

© Laurent Ziegler
24.10. - 27.10. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
The Psoas Connection
Heidi Weiss (Berlin)

Dynamic Technique. Stretch - Ground - Grow - Flow

The training is based on the Weissmann Technique, a contemporary movement approach that, although based on modern dance, has developed it further into a new method used to explore movement in a highly physical and dynamical way as well as learn to dance with joy. The training begins by arriving in the body and the space, building up and strengthening inner heat. Then come movement sequences that integrate fast shifts between spatial planes and that are initiated by e.g. fingertips, toes, hips. Participants are encouraged to overcome limitations and occupy the space with their movement.

Heidi Weiss studied modern dance at the University of the Arts Philadelphia. She worked as a choreographer and performer with Group Motion and founded the internationally touring company Zen in the Basement Co in Germany with Jennifer Mann. Heidi Weiss has worked as a teacher with various modern techniques. She developed the Weissmann Technique with Jennifer Mann and teaches it at e.g. universities, the Marameo Berlin, Tanzhaus NRW.

10% yoga
10% floorwork
50% technical warm up
30% across floor/combis

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31.10. - 03.11. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
Dynamic Technique. Stretch - Ground - Grow - Flow
Patricia Woltmann (Berlin)

Allowing for connection: Moving through and into space

In this training we learn to apply our intuitive knowledge. A fundamental aspect is the use of breath with focus on the spine in relation to gravity. Aiming for awareness and connection to one ́s inner body, the class starts with the focal point of grounding, using exercises from Klein Technique and Yoga.
As movement evolves in more complex patterns, participants explore the interplay between the qualities of time/weight/flow and elasticity in the body.
We allow for a buoyant transmission of movement into outer space.
This class can facilitate a space for individual vision, play and collective experience.

Patricia Woltmann is a choreographer, dancer and teacher based in Berlin. She is interested in the transformative potential of the body and its communication. Currently she researches on embodied knowledge in dance, the capacity of cognition through the body. 
As a choreographer she has presented work in Europe and America.
 Patricia holds an M.A. in Dance Studies from Trinity Laban. She is a regular guest teacher for improvisation and choreography at Erika Klütz School Hamburg.

30 % grounding & presence

30 % exploring individually & touch 

10 % seeing & listening

30 % movement material

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07.11. - 10.11. | € | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
Allowing for connection: Moving through and into space
Nita Little (USA)


This class prepares dancers to move and act relationally with spaces, places, and one another. Skills based, the body that acts-with others requires specific abilities. We will make tonal changes, become elastic in our physical attention, and flex perceptual size and shape. Although somatic, this is a highly physical class. Both technical and improvisational at one time, our training material draws from multiple forms including Contact Improvisation. Weight exchange is included, although not our primary focus. Please come prepared to move all surfaces in contact with the floor. 


Nita Little is choreographer, teacher, and theorist in the field of improvisational dance and Contact Improvisation. She is invited to work with dancers worldwide. A dance researcher and touring artist, Dr. Little participated in the emergence and development of Contact Improvisation. Little has a movement pedagogy oriented around creative actions of embodied attention. She researches somatic communication through a global network of ensemble dance laboratories.

10% Experiential Training
40% Structured practices
30% Improvisational Scores with Technical Purpose
15% Open dancing/Scores with a Creative Purpose
5% Discussion

©Fabio Flecha

14.11. - 17.11. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
Michael Löhr (Berlin)


Training is physical and energetic. It develops from pure bodywork to complex choreographic movement sequences with a focus on expansive movements and floor work. A fundamental aspect of the training is to examine the logic of every movement sequence in order to increase efficiency and effect of movement. On the basis of this study, participants are encouraged to find their own way and play with quality, musicality and dynamics.

As a dancer, Michael Löhr has worked with the Ahn Eun-me Company, Emanuel Gat, Tanztheater Bielefeld and others. As a teacher and choreographic assistant of Emanuel Gat he has taught e.g. at the Ballet de Lorraine, Ballet National de Marseille, Marameo Berlin, Tanzhaus NRW. 

40% moving in and out of the ground
30% crossing the space
20% taking risks
10% blood, sweat & tears (mostly sweat!)

© Julia Gat
21.11. - 24.11. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
Victoria Hauke (Hamburg)


The training connects basic aspects of release techniques and of Tachichuan and Qigong. We work with the sensory image of melting outwards into the multi-dimensional body, with a playfull awareness of the breathing pulse, with listening to the response of gravity in any situation. Set sequences and time to explore are alternating. Class is dynamically increasing, aiming at different scales of quality between broad fluid movement and springiness as well as a continuity of innerbody quality throughout set material.

Victoria Hauke is interested in somatic, energetic and sensory processes in the body in terms of their physical - emotionality. Her work this is relatetd in the broad context to socio-cultural questions, ecological change and healing. From 1993 on 45 pieces and installations were shown in national and international venues. She is teaching in institutions and unversities in Germany and abroad in dance and intermedial courses of studies.

20 – 30% energetic work/qigong
20 – 30% individual transformation of above into movement exploration
20 – 30% set transformation of above into movement exploration or contemporary technique
20 – 30% set phrases

© Anja Beutler

28.11. - 01.12. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32
Angie Lau (Hamburg)


The Countertechnique, developed by Anouk van Dijk, is a physical and mental form of training. Its aim is to increase the overall awareness of dancers and to connect movement with thinking in a really efficent way. Instead of concentrating on just one center of the body, she focuses on three-dimensional counterdirections inside and outside the body to create a highly dynamic balance.

Angie Lau studied dance in various schools and countries, amongst them the Rotterdam Dance Academy (Codarts) and P.A.R.T.S. in Brüssels. Since 2005 she works with anoukvandijk dc and has been teaching Countertechnique in Europe as well as in the States.

15%        Practical Anatomy
5-10%     Finding Individual Solutions
10-20%   Countertechnique Principles / Theory / Awareness Games
55-75%   MOVEMENT!

© Jerry Remkes

05.12. - 08.12. | 10:30 - 12:00 | K32

No regular Training

09.12. - 08.01.