As a concept and as a process, contemporary choreography combines dance and performance to a field of artistic research with enormous potential in terms of artistic innovation. Contemporary choreography is characterized by process-oriented and decentralized working contexts that explore fundamental issues of body, space and movement. It is closely associated with questioning and reflecting choreography as an independent art form within the larger context of ongoing developments in society and in the more specific context of dance and performance history. As a descriptive framework for knowledge that takes the human body as its point of departure and as a process for structuring movement in three-dimensional space, choreography has always reflected historical and social developments. In a society geared towards growing mobility, its significance transcends that of the art form per se and is bound to increase even more in the future, particularly in light of such aspects as inclusion, exclusion and participation, as well as presentation/representation.

In addition to promoting contemporary dance as an independent art form and providing training for dance professionals and choreographers, one of K3’s main focuses lies on providing opportunities for artistic research in various residency formats. Our residency programme – the only one of its kind in the world – offers three choreographers, who are still at an early stage of their career, the opportunity to pursue their work, artistic research and stage a production at the Centre in a period of eight months.

Exploring different approaches to communicating dance and choreography as well as experimenting with participatory formats in choreographic processes are other important areas of our work that are reflected in particular in the artistic/academic postgraduate and doctorate programme Graduiertenkolleg Versammlung und Teilhabe: Urbane Öffentlichkeiten und performative Künste (Assembly and Participation: Urban Public Spaces and the Performing Arts), a joint project of the Hafencity University Hamburg, Fundus Theatre and K3.

In the field of methodology for teaching dance, the IDOCDE – International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education project aims to develop and document international examples of "best practice".